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The main beach of Cox’s Bazar is Labani beach is always crowded with visitors, visitors can always swim in the sun. Children are attracted to swimming in this park. There is also an amazing waterfall of glaciers You can quench thirst in a moment. You can also enjoy the beautiful resort here. The Maybach Mountain Resort Center is not attractive to tourists. It is interesting for biology and an informative environment. People from different countries come here to acknowledge the beauty of Cox’s Bazar. Here you can really understand how beautiful life is here. It does not really mean life. Beautiful sandy nature can enjoy this natural garden.

Location of Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar is famous for being the longest sandy beach in the Chittagong Division, 150 km south of the Chittagong industrial port and is considered to be the longest beach in the world, extending up to 121 km. If you are still heading to Fromm Shahjalal International Airport, There is also a flight services located in Cox’s Bazar.


How to Go Cox’s Bazar?

You can come to Cox’s Bazar via Air from different countries, there are planes inside Cox’s Bazar and also from Shahjalal International Airport. From Cox’s Bazar you can easily travel to Laubani Koli and Inani points and various points via Autorickshaw.

Besides, you can come to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka to provide your assistance.

  • Green Line
    Contact Number: 01730060004
  • Haniff Enterprise
    Contact Number: 01713402671
  • Shyamoli Transport
    Contact Number: 01813-329394

Airlines Services:

  • Bangladesh Airlines
    Contact Number: 0289011600
  • Novoir Airlines
    Contact Number: 0298718912
  • US Bangla Airlines
    Contact Number: 01777777788
  • Regent Airways
    Contact Number: 028953003
  • United Airways
    Contact Number: 09606445566

Best Things to Do in Cox’s Bazar:

For travelers, this is a place where you can actually accept the unmatched happiness and beauty of nature, recognize life and enjoy nature. Many things in life. It is not just a tourist center. It will get a lot of information in biology. There are many kinds of trees and marine animals. There are many things to enjoy in the park

Cox’s Bazar Beaches:

Cox’s Bazar Beach Hall and El Killeen Bali Beach This is a beautiful place where honeymoon beaches for great couples of beauty and lovers lover your mind on the vast sandy beach in this green forest.Here are the distinctive names of the various sections of the beach that refer to the region in the plant and animal world

Inani Beach:

 In Inani Beach, you will be able to ride a boat, ride a bike. The water is very clean and the natural beauty of many cities. No one wants to enjoy this beauty of Cox’s Bazar because of the atmosphere of the city.In Inani Beach, you will be able to ride a boat, ride a bike. The water is very clean and the natural beauty of many cities. all Free yourself from the noisy environment to enjoy this beauty of Cox’s Bazar because of the atmosphere of the city.

Laboni Beach:

 Labani, a major attraction of Cox’s Bazar, a seaside resort town in Bangladesh, tourists can easily come here and enjoy the beauty of the Bay of Bengal. It is undoubtedly the oldest beach in Cox’s Bazar.You can swim here and play with the sea fish. Enjoy the unspoiled love of nature. This park is always full of tourists who come from different countries at different times.

Sonadia Island:

Here you can come to the beautiful tranquil parks to quench the thirst of your visitors happiness and tranquility that this island will give you a feeling full of love so you can leave. Cox’s Bazar is a popular travel destination in Bangladesh, where thousands of visitors every year gather in a colorful way to visit the long sandy beach here, and most of the people stay on the island of Sonadia even though it is thought to be a fishery fishing destination. It is a great place to collect wildlife and beauty

Dulahazara Safari Park:

Safari Park is different from the zoo. In the zoo, the animals live in enclosures and in the safari park they roam free. Its size is 5 hectares. Safari Park is located in the forest area of Cholaiya Upazila of Cox’s Bazar district, on the eastern side of the Chittagong Highway, with picturesque landscapes at Dulahazara Reserve. The distance of the park is 5 km to the north from Cox’s Bazar District Headquarters and 5 km to the south from Chakoria Sadar. Geographically, the region belongs to the Pliocene period of the Tertiary period, which formed more than 20 million years ago. It belongs to the Duptilla series, which is composed of sandstone, siltstone and salon. Natural ornamental desolate high-rise hills, flowing streams, lakes, varied rocks, well-known natural trees of evergreen forests, fruit-bearing plants, wonderful plants of lata have been established in the assemblage of dense and dense cover.

Nayakshangchari Lake and Hanging Bridge:

This is a natural reservoir. There is a hanging bridge. It can be accessed on the side of the lake. From the city of Cox’s Bazar you can go directly to Nayakshachari and turn around day by day. Its distance of about 20 kms.

Kalatali and Labani Beaches:

Due to its close proximity to the district, Kalatali and Labani beaches are the main attractions for tourists. The distance between these two points on the beach is only fifteen minutes. The oyster market can be found at Labani Point, as well as many small shops where shopkeepers wait for the tourists. And there are several restaurants on Kalatali beach, where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset while sitting and drinking a mug of coffee.

St. Martin and Chhoradweep:

St. Martin, a small island at the base of the Bay of Bengal Its size is about 5 square km. From Cox’s Bazar, local buses or jeeps take Teknaf and from there it is usually used to board a regular ship, C-truck or trailer, to St. Martin’s. It will take one to one and one-half hours to reach Teknaf and from there it will take about two hours to reach St. Martin by sea. Chhora Island is a Nayanaviram island located in the southernmost part of Bangladesh. From St. Martin’s to the trailer for 10 minutes and walking time, you can also go to Chora Island.

Ramu (One of the Major Centers of Buddhism):

The nearest Upazila of Cox’s Bazar is Ramu. Today, Buddhism remains the mainstay of practice locally. The Rakkoot is preserved in the forest, and there is a Buddha statue of Emperor Ashoka. In addition, there are many Buddhist statues in multiple temples. There are statues made of precious stones, bronze, gold. The six-foot-high Patanatan is a thirteen-foot-long bronze statue of Mahamati Gautam Buddha. To date, it is the largest statue of Buddha made in Bangladesh. On the other side, a 6-foot-long bedside statue of Buddha has been erected at the North Mitchari forest

Special Note for Traveling Time in Cox’s Bazar:

The first is to know the weather forecast before going to Cox’s Bazar. Second, there are casualties in bathing in seawater every year. These are mainly due to lack of alertness and awareness. There are several secret canals from Laboni Point to Kalatali beach. Due to negligence, most tourists took off during the ferry and later lost their lives in the canal. So, one should refrain from bathing on the beach during dawn. In that case, following the signal of the security checkpoint, you can go to the beach to avoid the danger. Red and green flags were hoisted from the outpost during the rally and tide. It is safe to bathe during the green flag. Life jackets can be worn as needed. The coral is usually sharp. So, walking on the coral at the beaches of Inani and St.Martin has to be careful. It is the responsibility of everyone to avoid any kind of garbage and waste products, such as polythene, plastic bottles, etc. in order to keep the beach environment clean and to preserve biodiversity.

Other Activities:

Live Fish Restaurant Aquarium:

Radiant Fish World brings Bangladesh the opportunity to see the first international quality fish aquarium. This new museum of entertainment has been created in Jhautala in the city of Cox’s Bazar. These are jellyfish and many other aquatic animals When you enter the aquarium, you will feel like you are on the bottom of the ocean, playing around with different species of marine animals.

Parasailing at Cox’s Bazar:

Also with parachutes you can rise in the sky and bathe in the seawater which will bring to your mind unobtrusive tranquility coming to Cox’s Bazar If you cannot do the parasailing you will not get the real pleasure of traveling.

Best Time to Visit Cox’s Bazar:

The best time to visit Cox’s Bazaar is from 19 November to 4 March, at which time any visitor from any country can come here and enjoy the beauty.

Top Six Hotels in Cox’s Bazar:

Below are the top five hotels that occupy the space

  • Long Beach Hotel
    Type: 5-star hotel
    Location: 14, Kalatoli, Hotel-Motel Zone, 4700 • 01755-660051
  • Hotel The Cox Today
    Type: 5-star hotel
    Location: Plot – 07, Road – 02, Hotel Motel Zone, Road, 4700 • 01755-598446
    Type: 5-star hotel
    Location: Jaliapalong, Inani, Ukhia, Coxs Bazar
  • Sayeman Beach Resort
    Type: 4-star hotel
    Location: Marine Drive, Road, Cox’s Bazar 4700 • 09610-777888
  • Hotel Elaf International
    Type: 3-star hotel
    Location: Plot # 52, Block # B, Sugondha Point, Cox’s Bazar 4700 • 01726-000077
  • Long Beach Hotel
    Type: 5-star hotel
    Location: 14, Kalatoli, Hotel-Motel Zone, 4700 • 01755-660051

Top Four Restaurants:

    Location: Kolatoli Road, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
    Facilities: Seating, Waitstaff, Takeout
    Available Foods: Asian, Bangladeshi, Vegetarian-Friendly, Halal
    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Location: Sea inn point, Sugandha Beach | Kolatoli, Cox’s Bazar 4700, Bangladesh
    Facilities: Takeout, Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Waitstaff, Accepts American Express, Accepts Mastercard, Accepts Visa, Parking Available
    Contact Number: +880 1841-416461
    Location: Labonee Point, Seabeach Road, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
    Food Service: Dinner, Lunch, Late Night
    Contact Number: +880 341 522025
    Location: Hotel Saymon Road, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

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