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Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado USA.

Rocky Mountain National Park, a few miles from downtown Estes Park, is one of the most popular national parks in the United States. Mountain peaks, alpine lakes and grasslands, forests and abundant wildlife showcase the best of nature. The park has more than 100 horns over 10,000 crosses, including Long Peak at 14,259 feet high. Trail Ridge Road, which itself reaches a height of more than 12,000 feet, is the main driving route through this incredible terrain park and easy offer access. You can visit from the comfort of your car or stop for a walk or an easy walk. The park has a wide array of hiking trails, ranging from less than half-a-mile to full-day and multi-day hikes. If you are lucky you will see elk, split sheep, deer, and other critics.

Summer is the busiest season of Rocky Mountain National Park, with the most popular activities being hiking, wildlife watching, camping, fishing, horseback riding, climbing, and bouldering. The park has its own unique beauty and charm during the winter. Many roads are open year-round although may be closed due to weather. People often come to snowshoe or cross-country ski at this time of year, and ranger-led tours are offered in both of these sports.

Vile Ski Resorts in Colorado USA.

The best ski resort to visit in Colorado in winter is the city but a pleasant place to enjoy it any time of the year. When it comes to Sky, it’s one of Colorado’s top ski resorts, with seemingly endless runs for all levels of the ski. Located at the base of the ski hill, postcards are clever, with the help of chalet-style restaurants, shops, and hotels that make you feel like you’re in the center of the Alps. This is a high-end resort with luxury hotels, fine dining and designer stores.

Vile doesn’t always fit everyone’s budget, especially if you want to spend a night in the high season. There are several small towns and villages nearby that are lesser-known but also more affordable and worth seeing, although not a ski resort, Frisco is an attractive hill town and one of the best places to visit in the region. If you are looking at the I-70 corridor around Vail and Beaver Creek, this is a great base. This city has all kinds of raw cafes, shops, and restaurants and there are real mountains. Just up from here, the small town and ski resort in Breckenridge, at 9,600 feet high. West of the Vile is the town of Avon, and Beaver Creek is slightly up the hill from Avon. Avon can be a good place to stay. A ski resort with another adorable village at Beaver Creek Base. The village has a full range of everything from casual to fine dining, skating rink to main square and hotels.

Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado USA.

Whether you have seen Cliff’s abode before or not, you will be blown away by the amount of actual ruins that Mesa Verde and the park allow visitors to see. The centerpiece of the park, Cliff Palace is one of the most fascinating habitats in the entire southwest, with dramatic installations and incredibly preserved ruins. Ranger-led tours running regularly during the high season of summer allow you to climb the stairs to the center of the abode. If you aren’t ready for that level of activity, you can get a full view of the site from a closer look.

Mesa Verde was in the home of Anastral Pueblo, who established his residence from about 7 BCE to 9 BCE. Thousands of archaeological sites are located within the park, though the cliff dwellings are the most spectacular. A road allows access to numerous sites, many of which are at the top of Mesa. Plenty of hiking trails, which require no ranger tours, lead to lookouts and interesting sites, including Petroglyphs.

Located close to the cities of Cortez and Mancos, Mesa Verde is reached by a long road that rises above the surrounding landscape. The drive from the highway to the site takes about 45 minutes. One of the tourist centers near the highway, where you can find information about parks and road conditions before driving. When you arrive, book a Ranger-led tour of Cliff Palace so you know when to show the one-hour tour.

Garden of the Gods in Colorado USA.

The Garden of the Gods, a registered national natural landmark, towering tower, and fins 300 feet above the earth, has unique landscaping and landscape with large-scale balance boulders and rock piles dotted and complete the scene. The Fifteen Mile Trail, most of which is short and easy, lets you get closer to the dramatic rock formation and wander through the altar scene. The park is a popular area of rock climbing, but other activities in the park include designated bike lanes, mountain biking, horseback riding, and road biking between Jeep and Segway tours.

Blue Mesa Reservoir in Colorado USA.

As the largest water body in the state, the Blue Mesa offers ample opportunity and entertainment for some recreation outside the reservoir and plenty of Colorado sunshine. As the combined location of the Gunnison River, overlooking the deep canyon of the Black Canyon of Gunnison, the Blue Mesa reservoir was traced to Hwy 50 between Montrose and the town of Gunnison.

Image of the Blue Mesa Reservoir in Colorado USA.

Popular outdoor recreational activities include its legendary fishing, windsurfing, waterskiing, camping, hiking and of course boat boating. You can rent a boat to Marina and swim from there. Those who want to experience the rich blue waters will have 29 miles of coastline that is enough to keep you busy for several days! In most cases it will be seen that the water is almost always cool, making it a great spot to be cool on these hot days. Although most of the shoreline is not sandy, there are few sunspots and perfect for spreading around – Old Highway 50 Beach, Dry Creek, and Chicken Bay.

Medano Creek on the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado USA.

Known as “Colorado’s natural beaches”, Maidano Creek is a somewhat magical place, appearing at the base of the sand dunes for several years each year, and fading into memory for another year. The crisp flow of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range enlivens Maideno Creek, making it a perfect place for skim boarding, tubing and spreading around this sandy Colorado desert.

Thousands of visitors spend hours each year picking up trellises in the water and building sand castles along the water, soaking up the sun in the mountains and enjoying this natural wonder. This is because the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve is one of the few places that can experience the natural and rare phenomenon known as the rising stream, where the canal water flows across the uneven field at a height of three feet creating a burst.
The best days to visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park and play on this mountain beach are almost over, and this summer is going to be an especially great thanks to the vast amount of spring moisture lurking in the Medano Pass.

Acute flow occurs when three very specific conditions are met; A steep enough channel, the bottom of a sand dune and plenty of flowing water, creates a dam of sand flowing as water flows through the creek bed. Finally, the water pressure will create and break the dam, creating a flow of waves. The high snowpack that this year is enjoying is creating the perfect conditions for the Colorado Historic Surgeon stream season. This year’s snowpack is more than 160 percent below normal, and late snowfall has pushed its flow season into the window from late May to early June.

Boulder Reservoir in Colorado USA.

Much of what makes Colorado’s shorelines is man-made waterfalls scattered throughout the state. The Boulder Reservoir is a favorite year-round gathering but is especially popular during the summer in the sandy beaches. Sunbathers roam the reservoir to enjoy the sand made of Colorado’s best beaches. Ventures outside the blocked-off swimming area for some kayaking, canoeing, or SOP around the reservoir. Need a lesson? No problem, for those who are just getting started, they offer SUP and SUP yoga lessons.

Grand Lake in Colorado USA.

Found along the western side of Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Lake is a beautiful lake in the city of Grand Lake. As the deepest and largest natural lake in Colorado, Grand Lake captivates travelers with its primitive blue waters, surrounded by mountain peaks, and numerous recreational activities. Enjoy boat boats, sea-duds, paddle boarding and canoeing in the cool waters of the lake surrounded by beautiful views of the mountains. Or take time to relax on the lake’s lively public beach and boardwalk. While the water is quite cold, adventurous children and adults enjoy a quick dip in the clear water of the lake on a warm summer day.

Chatfield Reservoir.

Located at the base of the Rocky Mountain Foothills, 24 miles south of Denver, Chatfield State Park has the Chatfield Reservoir. A great place to gather your family and friends and have fun on a sunny day with bikes, fishing, boating, and swimming. Through Labor Day, Memorial Day, sunbathers, swimmers, and beach lovers gather on the beach for summer days on the shores of Chatfield. Chatfield’s sandy bays with 197 campsites, nearby grills and picnic tables make for a favorite summer hang-out over the Colorado front range. About an hour and a half before the overall fit. Collins, Jackson Lake State Park is the front range with shallow warm waters filled with southern recent rivers and favorite summertime for those living in the eastern plains. Its sandy beaches welcome swimmers and sunbathers to the south and west shore of the lake in the designated area.