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Phillip Island in Victoria Australia

Philip Island is definitely interesting when visiting Victoria. Providing outstanding coastal scenery and abundant wildlife. Just a short drive from Melbourne City, Philip Island is great for a one day adventure or a weekend getaway, although one of the main reasons for tourists here is Penguin, your trip to Phillip Island is not complete without offers on other offers.

If you are curious about the sandy beaches and pristine waters, the Golden Shore of Phillip Island, Ulamai Beach is a great stopover. The island’s longest beaches, waves are named after the image-perfect, national surfing reserve for surfers and boogie boarders. If you just enter the ocean view, there are plenty of walking paths that can get you up a steep cliff.

Landscapes have to offer amazingly at Nabis Information Center on Philip Island. The center is located on a cliff, guaranteeing visitors a breather. You will learn about the history of Philip Island and the animals surrounding the center. Even watch out for these animals by watching the birds and watching the sealed colonies flicker and relax on the sea rocks.

For adrenaline junkies, you can check out the Grand Prix circuit on Philip Island. Dating to ।6, this track is still an important track for the Grand Prix World Race. If you want to get behind the wheels, you can go karting and jerk around the replica circuit. To get a feel for being a true racer, try hot coals. It will propel you around the circuit at the same speed as a professional racer, with the guarantee of starting to pump your heart fast and furiously. On your way to Phillip Island, you can have some delicious lunch in San Remo, a fishing village. This hidden gem offers delicious fresh seafood while taking in the boats and the elaborate beach lifestyle.

If you are looking for a wildlife-filled jam any day, Maru Wildlife Park provides a great place to visit beloved Australian animals. This family-owned park is a great place for adventure if you are looking for animal interaction to interact more with the animals for daily activities. After watching all the animals, you can open the mini-golf adventure course on a perfect basis for families with young children.

Finally, the famous penguin march offers an opportunity to watch the Australian small penguin collapse on the shore. It’s no surprise that Philip Island is by far the most popular attraction and the reason why little Aussie penguins are so missed. These are the smallest penguins in the world, with white and dark blue feathers, on an average about 33 centimeters tall, intimate with these beautiful little creatures and they move from sea to their home for a night’s rest. All in all, Philip Island is worth a short drive from Melbourne as a must-visit while visiting Victoria, a full day of wildlife, beautiful scenery, racing, and fun seafood.