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Eleven Madison Park, New York in America.

Although X-ray Madison Park 3 is open to much fanfare and is later acclaimed, Danny Meyer hired Daniel Hamm, a Swiss-born 2006, to make it one of the best restaurants in the country. In 2002 Haim bought Eleven Madison from Myers in partnership with his home-grown opponent, Will Guida, and never missed a beat. Chef firmly in control: Hum will create its own $ 335 multi-course tasting menu to accommodate allergies, dietary restrictions, and ingredient choices, but no la carte selection is available (though the five-course menu is served at $ 175 bar area). The details of dish dishes change frequently, but the technique is contemporary French and modernist. The ingredients are heavy New York-based and based on the culinary traditions, often Gotham Street or Deli dishes have remarkably unique results (a roasted dried elderly duck, aroma with lavender and honey, standby). A recent renovation has lightly modernized the dining room (and completely overhauled the kitchen), and the reservations are just as difficult to find. But if you can snag something and offset the cost, there are better restaurants for special-occasion dishes in America.